Boxshot 3D Packaging Software

Boxshot Lite Help

Hold the left mouse button and drag the mouse to rotate the shape, use the right mouse button to pan the shape. Use mouse wheel to zoom the shape. Touch gestures are also supported. Click Zoom button if you lost.

The toolbar at the top lets you control the 3D preview and setup the scene the way you want it to be rendered:

  • Shapes - - lets you switch between 3D shapes supported by Boxshot Lite;
  • Images - - here you can load your own artwork to the shape sides;
  • Camera/Light - - lets you switch what to control with your mouse: the camera or the light source and shadow (use mouse wheel to blur shadow);
  • Dim - - when enabled it makes the shape a little darker, so you can render white shapes on white background;
  • Skylight - - enables self-shadowing of the shape that adds realism to the scene;
  • Shadow - - helps you select the contrast of the shadow;
  • Zoom - - automatically centers and zooms the shape so it takes the most of the screen;
  • Help - - shows this help;
  • Render - starts rendering of the current scene.

When you click Render you will need to select the quality of the rendering. The higher the quality, the longer it takes to render the image.

Got It!

Switching from this tab may slow down rendering